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For current tuition rates, please call the school office or request an information packet.

State-funded Tuition Assistance (Florida School Choice)

In June 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Florida House Bill 1 (HB1) into law, expanding school choice eligibility to include all K-12 students eligible to enroll in a Florida public school. Families can now receive a voucher via an education savings account, or ESA, regardless of household income. For current award amounts, and to apply for your ESA, visit

School-funded Tuition Assistance (The Rock School)

The state’s scholarship program does not cover the full cost of tuition, which is why The Rock School proudly offers more than $500,000 in additional in-house financial assistance to qualifying families each year. When you visit, we’ll explain to you how to apply. Our goal is that money will not stand in the way for qualified families.

A Ministry-first Mindset

At The Rock School, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity. It’s a ministry. It’s a commitment. It’s a connection – a connection between your child’s needs and your family philosophy and our philosophy.  That’s why at The Rock School, the first and most important consideration is what is best educationally for your child. All other considerations are secondary.

But money is important, and tuition is an investment in your child’s life. That’s why we have one of the most robust needs-based scholarship programs in our area to assist families who demonstrate a financial need through our application process. We use a highly confidential online third-party vendor whose goal is to assist in determining a financial need for our current and new families.

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